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Premium Wines

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In the Willamette Valley, there are several levels of refinement and purity in the wines.  Some wines are simply purchased fruit from around the valley, blended together and made into an every-day drinking wine.  These wines are labeled with the broadest “Willamette Valley” designation, and are the ones most often found on supermarket shelves.

From there, you can choose elevating degrees of geographical focus.  The Willamette Valley is sub-divided into six sub-regions called AVAs, which are designated by their uniqueness in soils and micro-climate.  When a winemaker uses grapes from just one AVA, he/she can label the wine with the more specific AVA name, i.e. “Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills AVA”

One step up from that, a winery might use all grapes from their estate or just one vineyard, in which case the label carries the name of the vineyard or estate.  And even more specific still, they might use grapes from just one block of one vineyard, resulting in a very special reserve wine.  This is the ultimate expression of a place and are among the most sought-after wines of Oregon.

This club is for those who are interested in this depth of focus in the wine.  Selections for this club will always represent the pinnacle expression of time and place, which results in opulent flavors, intoxicating aromas, impeccable balance of tannins and acidity…  everything that makes a great wine “great.”

The Pinot Noir in this club will be the type that are not only delicious young, but will easily age 10+ years.  The whites will be balanced, mostly dry, food-friendly, and always mouthwatering with that luscious Oregon acidity.  The ratio of reds to whites in this club will be about 2 to 1.  All of the wines included in these shipments will be the ones that are commanding 90+ points in reviews by Robert Parker, Steven Tanzer, Jay Miller etc…

If you’re looking for only the finest of what Oregon has to offer in both Burgundian Pinot Noir and Alsatian White Wines, this is the club for you.  You will be treated to wines which command your attention and inspire conversation.  Bottles from the most gifted winemakers that are consistently creating wines of pure elegance and true typicity.  Wines where the soils speak, and the unique terroir of the Willamette Valley shines through!