Mixed Pinot

Mixed Pinot

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$270 every 6 months
$540 every 6 months

Note: Delivery dates subject to weather conditions

Pinot Noir is the Willamette Valley’s specialty.  It has been said by some critics that the Willamette Valley produces the finest Pinot Noir outside of the Burgundy region of France – the birthplace of Pinot.  In Oregon, diverse soils and coastal temperatures combine with skilled winemaking techniques to create Pinot Noirs with typicity, elegance, ageability, and delicacy.  Oregon Pinots are often characterized by beautiful floral aromas, captivating minerality, and bright, mouthwatering acidity.

In this club, you will receive a variety of Pinot Noir from around the Willamette Valley with a variety of price points.  By combining selections from the bargain shelf and the top shelf, you get a well-rounded look at the full spectrum of wines being produced in Oregon today.  While the average bottle price will be about $45, you will get some selections in the $20-$30 range which you can open guilt-free on a Tuesday night.  You will also receive a couple selections in the $60+ range so you have something on hand for special occasions.

Regardless of price point, you can rest assured that I am personally scouring the valley for the best selections that deliver quality and value.  This club is a great way to learn about new producers, small producers and even a few lesser-known bottles from well-established producers.  If you came here for Pinot Noir and only Pinot Noir, and you want to learn about great values as well as simply great wines, this club will be just right for you.