Bargain Wines

Bargain Wines

Choose a plan that suits you:

$180 every 6 months
$360 every 6 months

Note: Delivery dates subject to weather conditions

While it’s true that many Oregon wines are “expensive”, there are still many examples of great value that exist in our parts.  I’m a firm believer that expensive does not necessarily equal good and inexpensive does not necessarily equal bad.  Some wines are cheaper simply because the winery spends less on frivolous extras like image, marketing, heavyweight bottles, and expensive state of the art gear.


This club will focus on those hidden gems that retail in the $25 range but drink like some other wines in the $50 range.  It’s a task to find them for sure, but I’m up to the task, and I want you to benefit from my knowledge of these lesser-known producers!


The majority of the bottles in this club selection will be Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, but we may throw in a bottle here and there from other Oregon regions to give you a little variety.  You’ll also get some white wines and rosé and perhaps some other surprises.


If you want to discover small producers from Oregon who are releasing wines that don’t break the bank but out-perform their price point in pure “delicious factor” then this is the club for you.